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just call me Zien. i'm a 1* years old gurl and live in Indonesia, Jakarta. used to be a computer-freak these years, and donno whattodo. asian vanillafever that still learning how to design a perfect website. a fan of final fantasy. nao {kagrra}. meguru {panic channel}. and billy martin{good charlotte}. with my eat and sleep hobbies. i must be so lazy and talkative and also panicful. really clumsy and forgetful. loves to listen all kinds of musics xpecially rap; there’s no world if no rap whatever... can’t speak english correctly, always DO missgrammars coz i'm stupid and also ugly



messy, irritable, depressed, fragile, worrying, emotionally sensitive, does not like to lead, phobic, weird, suspicious, low self control, paranoid, frequently second guesses self, dependent, unproductive, introverted, weak, strange, unassertive, submissive, familiar with the dark side of life, feels invisible, rash, vain, anti-authority, heart over mind, low self concept, disorganized, not good at saving money, avoidant, daydreamer, unadventurous

Extraversion 56%
Stability 33%
Orderliness 30%
Accommodation 50%
Interdependence 70%
Intellectual 50%
Mystical 36%
Artistic 70%
Religious 30%
Hedonism 36%
Materialism 83%
Narcissism 70%
Adventurousness 43%
Work ethic 16%
Self absorbed 63%
Conflict seeking 36%
Need to dominate 63%
Romantic 70%
Avoidant 43%
Anti-authority 56%
Wealth 63%
Dependency 50%
Change averse 50%
Cautiousness 63%
Individuality 63%
Sexuality 23%
Peter pan complex 70%
Physical security 56%
Physical fitness 64%
Histrionic 76%
Paranoia 43%
Vanity 70%
Hypersensitivity 76%
Female cliche 50%